Video Archive

We have decided to migrate a selection of old video projects from the old website to this location. I hope you enjoy the sampling archive of old media projects created by the Media Club at Annette Street Public School. If you would like to see a specific video project or blog posted please contact us and we will post it.

History of Rock & Pop – Rm. 307

The students researched their choice of rock / pop artist and re-created a live performance at the spring concert.

The History of Rock and Pop took over three months to complete and included: written and oral project presentations, costume preparation, visual arts and drama. The project finale included a spring concert performance, pictures and filming. Thank you to the many parents who helped us out with this project. You can view some of the process pictures in the gallery below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Aboriginal Art Project – Rm. 307

The students drew posters of Aboriginal Artwork, filmed their pictures, added music and effects

Animation of the Nation – Rm. 307

The students took hundreds of pictures to splice together this animation video. The music was created with a program called Rebirth and students sang words in Garageband. There is a “How We Did This” segment near the end of the video

Spirit Week – Media Club

The students and staff filmed many of the Spirit Days at Annette Street and HPA schools

H1N1 The New Flu Season – Rm. 307

The students researched the H1N1 flu and created this video which was featured on the TDSB website

Raise Your Voice – Media Club

This video won the Provincial Grand Prize for the Kaleidoscope World Video Challenge in Ontario and went on to compete at the National Level. The Media Club used the $1000.00 winnings to purchase more equipment for the classroom. The Media Club wrote and recorded the song “Raise Your Voice”

Head Lice Prevention – Rm. 307

The students researched effective ways to prevent and bring awareness to head Lice and characterized these scary little creatures. This video was also featured on the TDSB website

Guess the Pantomime – Rm 307

The students have created this game show approach to guessing Pantomimes they have created. Try your luck!

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