Gone Fishin’

The students in Rm. 306 are going to Scadding Court Community Centre on Thurs June 13, 2013 to try their hand at fishing. The Gone Fishin’ Project allows students to try to catch rainbow trout from a fully stocked fishing pool. This is an excellent chance to not only learn how to fish, but also learn about ecology, the environment, nutrition and where food comes from. We are looking forward to a great time and will post some pictures of our trip in the near future.

More information provided by clicking on the link below.


Superhero Media Project

The students in Rm. 306 have begun a media project on the creation of their own superhero character. These characters have special powers that do good things for our planet. We are creating posters, comics, video and music for our projects. We will post our completed projects on our Blog in the near future. Some of our characters are shown below.

Advocate Against Cyberbullying

We have now completed our video called “Advocate Against Cyberbullying” just in time for Bullying Awareness Week. The students completed magazine artwork that is used throughout the video. We researched what cyberbullying looks like, and what to do if you are a victim or witness cyberbullying. We used Garageband to create effects, transitions, add text and music.

Produced by the students in Rm. 306 in memory of Amanda Todd

Cyberbullying Video Project

The students in Rm. 306 are in the process of making a video on how to stop cyberbullying and what to do when you come across this form of online bullying. The students will be using magazine artwork they have recently completed and will be using iMovie to complete the finished product. The video is being made in loving memory of Amanda Todd. We will post our video here and on Youtube when completed.

The students have been using many online sources of information some of which are listed below.




Songwriting – Bullying Prevention Songs

The students in Rm. 306 have been working very hard on writing, recording, mixing and producing their songs on Bullying Prevention. We have discussed what in means to be a Backbone Bystander which is someone who sticks up for victims of bullying and helps them through their experience.

The students have followed the items listed below to complete their songs.

1) Add two beats that work well together

2) Add 1 percussion instrument to glue the rhythm together

3) Add 1 bass line instrument

4) Record 1 synthesizer pad using a midi keyboard

5) Write and record lyrics on Bullying Prevention

6) Add 2 effects to your mix

7) Mix track levels to ensure there is no clipping of audio signal

8) Mixdown song to MP3 file and upload to classroom account – Files to Go

Listen to some of our songs

Be Empathetic – Megan

Tell the Bully to Stop – Alyssa

Backbone Bystander – Rm. 306 Mix

What Goes Around Comes Around – Alek

Find A Friend – Henderson

Stick Up For Your Friends – Jake

Stand Up To The Bully For Your Friends – Junior

Help The Person Being Bullied – Jaden

Stand Up Against Bullies – Tyson

Thank You Andy from Simply Macs

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Andy from Simply Macs for providing our class with eMacs and his time to set up and install software for our classroom. We began with two computers and now have almost enough for each student. We really appreciate what you have done for our classroom and we are using these computers everyday.

Thank You Andy:)

Mr. Phillips, Ms. Tania, Henderson, Alek, Junior, Allysa, Jurgen, Jaden, Tyson, Megan and Jake

Welcome to the Annette Street Public School Media Club Website

Mr. C. Phillips and the students in Rm. 306 would like to welcome you to our Media Club website at Annette Street Public School in Toronto, Canada. Our class will be running this blogging website to showcase our work, school media projects, events and news. We are very excited to begin this new school year and to bring you many new exciting media projects.

We have migrated to WordPress which is a more current platform and allows many new features and functionality that we did not have with our old iWeb based program. We have decided to move a selection of media projects from the old website to this new location. I hope you enjoy the sampling archives of older media projects created by the Media Club and students in Rm. 307 at Annette Street Public School. If you would like to see a specific video project or blog posted please contact us.