Welcome Back To School

A big welcome goes out to students and parents for this new school year 2018/2019. I am looking forward to teaching your child and building student confidence and success. A newsletter and forms package will be sent home on the first week of school which outlines important guidelines and schedule dates. Please sign and return.

A calendar will follow for September in the coming weeks as we finalize timetables and last minute changes. I know that many parents will be asking about homework in the weeks to come and I will post a specific blog regarding homework and I will send home a September Parent Package to keep everyone informed. Most of our homework for the year will be posted on this website and in student planners.

We have a class website and monthly calendar where homework and units for the month are posted with links, videos and tutorials of concepts and lessons taught. This is a wonderful resource to help with homework and for regular practice of concepts. The class website is also a location for us to share student work, post reminders, events and other. Please check monthly for our Blog posts.

Below is a list of items needed for each day…

Backpack, Lunch Bag, Ear Buds, Pencil Case, pencil crayons, markers, mini stapler, small pencil sharpener

We will work together to help your child achieve success this year. Thank you for your support.

Thank You

Mr. C. Phillips / Rm. 215