Online Homework Program

Our online homework program is unique and designed to be fun with concept practice, repetition drills, review, games and video links. Each month on the back of the calendar is updated homework information.  All links are provided in the Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies online program blog page links listed below. Students will be able to show you what they are doing and have done in class for the online homework program. The information in these links will be updated as we add more websites. Please keep in mind that reading every night for 30 minutes is part of our regular homework program.

Check out our Delicious Links for many units covered and practice routines

Razkids Online Reading Program – Starts in October 2018

Epic Online Reading Program

Quick Links for Parents and Kids 2018 / 2019

Long term assignments and other homework will be listed in planners when assigned. Please check your child’s planner on a nightly basis and sign the planner even if homework is not listed or posted. There maybe a note from the teacher, forms, calendars, important date reminders and other information that need to be checked on a nightly basis. Always ask your child to bring you their planner and any forms or notes to be signed each night.

Parent / Teacher Contact

The planner is the main regular communication between parent and teacher. For quick safe contact you may email, text or call my cellphone. Email is preferred. I will be available for text or call between 8:30am and 4:00pm on my device. The best time to contact me is over the lunch hour (11:35am – 12:15pm). Please respect these timelines for cellphone use. If interested please send your cellphone number with your child.

Thank you for your support.

Mr. Phillips