The students in Rm. 306 have been working very hard on writing, recording, mixing and producing their songs on Bullying Prevention. We have discussed what in means to be a Backbone Bystander which is someone who sticks up for victims of bullying and helps them through their experience.

The students have followed the items listed below to complete their songs.

1) Add two beats that work well together

2) Add 1 percussion instrument to glue the rhythm together

3) Add 1 bass line instrument

4) Record 1 synthesizer pad using a midi keyboard

5) Write and record lyrics on Bullying Prevention

6) Add 2 effects to your mix

7) Mix track levels to ensure there is no clipping of audio signal

8) Mixdown song to MP3 file and upload to classroom account – Files to Go

Listen to some of our songs

Be Empathetic – Megan

Tell the Bully to Stop – Alyssa

Backbone Bystander – Rm. 306 Mix

What Goes Around Comes Around – Alek

Find A Friend – Henderson

Stick Up For Your Friends – Jake

Stand Up To The Bully For Your Friends – Junior

Help The Person Being Bullied – Jaden

Stand Up Against Bullies – Tyson